Mary Lou O’Kennedy
Owner and Director of Claritas CCL Ltd

Hi, I’m Mary Lou O’Kennedy, welcome to the Claritas website. I established Claritas to work with people to resolve and manage conflict.

I am an experienced mediator and conflict resolution specialist. Having managed and been a director in a number of companies in enterprise, local development and the community arts, I can see how effective conflict management can make the difference in achieving success. In our personal lives we all deal with conflict daily whether as partners, spouses, parents, siblings or friends.

No one is immune to conflict. It is an inevitable part of life and change. I believe that conflict can have positive outcomes for all parties when it is managed effectively. When we don’t deal with conflict well it can escalate and have varying degrees of negative consequences for us. This can cause low morale at work, low productivity, and lead to more serious situations causing stress, absenteeism, extended controversy or litigation.In business it can undermine financially lucrative contracts and business relationships. It can cause us to miss opportunities that arise, loose friendships, cause painful family rows or even marital or relationship breakdown.

I work with people in conflict providing them with clear and practical strategies to achieve positive outcomes and creative solutions to conflict and disputes. This is done mainly through mediation, conflict management coaching on a one-on-one basis or through specialist training.

When listening to with people in conflict I am often struck by how many difficult situations could have been avoided had an alternative approach been taken earlier to resolve the conflict. I believe that Collaboration is an important part of that alternative approach. Collaboration involves building strong and sustainable relationships with others which are cooperative, respectful aim to achieve a win: win resolution to any conflict which arises. I support people to develop collaborative relationships at work and in their personal lives.

A second part of that alternative approach is what I refer to as Conflict Positive Leadership. Having held numerous leadership positions in business and community life, I have personal experience of how important effective conflict management is for those in leadership roles. Leaders are asked to deal with conflict on a continual basis. Conflict management skills are critical to the success of every leader. In Claritas we provide Coaching and training in conflict positive leadership. I work with leaders through coaching and training to become conflict positive leaders.

Thank you for considering Claritas.

I would very much appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

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