‘Break Up Don’t Crack Up’ by Rachel Fehily

I listened to Rachel Fehily this morning in an interview on The John Murray Show about Separating couples and Martial Breakdown. Rachel has written a book called ‘Break Up Don’t Crack Up’. I think this sounds like an excellent handbook for anybody going through a separation and a great tool for family mediators in this area to recommend to their clients.

Rachel appears to take a very practical, well informed and excellently articulated view of the do’s and don’ts in this situation. She breaks it all down into five areas that need attention while going through a relationship separation:

1. Looking after yourself
2. Looking after the needs of your children
3. Using alternative dispute resolution
4. Litigating wisely
5. Dealing with your financial affairs

As a barrister and mediator Rachel highlights the benefits and effective uses of both litigation and mediation and gives great insights into what lies ahead for people as they take this road. Rachel also discussed the idea of mandatory information sessions for parties as recommended by the Law Reform Commission and experience elsewhere in the world in this regard.

She gave an excellent interview and portrayal of mediators and the mediation process in this interview and I suggest it merits a listen. Well done Rachel. I look forward to reading your book and I will definitely recommend it to my clients.

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