Conflict Management Tools Are A Company’s Safety Net

Conflict ManagementWe all recognise the serious impact that conflict can have on our working lives and the working lives of others.

When it comes to considering some of the key fundamentals of a modern workplace eg.  employee engagement, performance management, talent retention, innovation, a positive working environment, conflict has the potential to undermine all of them. Very often, it does.

Some of the statistics globally on this are startling:

Of the causes cited of conflict, two thirds of Irish workers (66%) think personality clashes are the major cause of conflict at work. Personally, I believe that this figure is so high because it can be very challenging for a manager to manage this type of conflict. Research supports this telling us that managers and leaders find it difficult to handle conflict because it is filled with difficult emotional issues that they find very challenging to control or manage.

SUNNYHowever, it also tells us that good leaders are extraordinarily competent at managing conflict. This is not a new concept. Mahatma Ghandi agreed:  ‘I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people’.

What is new however, or at least growing in significance, is that companies are now realising what it costs them, not to ‘get along’ with their employees. With figures as startling as 70% of employees being disengaged and 18% being actively so emerging from the US, employers are now taking employee engagement seriously. And their starting point is building trust – building trust on the basis of revisiting the purpose and values of their companies and bringing their employees on board.

But what has this go to do with how you manage a personality clash for instance? Where do you start at a practical level to manage a conflict based on ‘personality clashes’ or on other differences that you yourself cannot identify with? What have company values got to do with it? How effective are you as a coach, a mediator, a HR professional or manager, in helping people to find solutions to these types of conflict. What tools do you have at your disposal? How effective are they?

CINERGY™ Conflict Management Coaching is a practical, versatile and highly innovative tool that you can utilise in your role as a coach, a mediator, a HR professional or a manager/supervisor to assist others in managing interpersonal conflict more effectively. It is a highly structured process but one which gives you and the person you will coach, the context and framework in which to look at their values and those with whom they are in conflict and to come up with a new perspective, options and outcomes that they can achieve in a practical and empowering way. It is a must for any professional involved in the management of conflict or supporting those in the management of conflict and has an important role to play in building employee engagement , performance management and generally contributing towards building trust within a company resulting in a positive working environment.

The next CINERGY™ Conflict Management Coaching Workshop delivered by Claritas will take place on the 9th, 10th, 23rd and 24th April in The Burlington Hotel in Dublin. This is a highly interactive and popular workshop and combined with additional practice hours can lead to CINERGY™ Certification as a Conflict Management Coach.

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