Conflict Management

Conflict and disputes are an inevitable part of our daily lives, at work, in business, in our communities and with our families and friends. When we don’t deal with them well they can escalate and have negative consequences for us. This can cause low morale at work, low productivity, and lead to more serious situations causing stress, absenteeism, extended controversy or litigation.In business it can undermine financially lucrative contracts and business relationships. It can cause us to miss opportunities that arise, lose friendships, cause painful family rows or even marital or relationship breakdown.

In contrast, when conflict is resolved and managed effectively, it can lead to growth, new and improved ways of doing things, a creative productive and positive atmosphere and a strengthening of relationships in business, work and in our personal lives.

It is possible to achieve positive outcomes for all parties in conflict or dispute. This is done in part by learning to understand the nature and cause of conflict and being prepared to work with the other party(ies)collaboratively to resolve it. Sometimes people need a third party to help them to do this.

Claritas works with people to develop practical strategies which help them to resolve or manage conflicts and disputes. These include:

Conflict Dynamics Profile is an assessment process which measures conflict behaviours and triggers in the workplace. The Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) is completed online and once scored, clients receive a comprehensive feedback report together with a detailed Development Guide which provides information on all items measured with suggestions on how behaviours can be changed to become more constructive in the effective management of conflict.

There are two versions of the CDP, the CDP-Individual (CDP-I) and the CDP-360

Conflict Management Coaching is a specialised one-on-one service for individuals experiencing conflict.It is designed to work with a client to help them obtain greater clarity into the nature and cause of their conflict,to develop a new perspective and from there a new set of options  for dealing with it.It has benefits for clients dealing with conflict in all aspect of their lives whether it be in business,employment,family or community.It is a voluntary,confidential and highly practical process.

Mediation is an informal process in which a neutral third party, called a mediator, assists people in dispute to communicate better with one another and to reach their own agreement. The process is voluntary, confidential and flexible. It is highly time efficient and cost effective. Claritas specialises in mediation in disputes relating to Family Business, Employment, Commercial matters, Community, Families and Separating Couples.

Training courses are provided by Claritas specifically designed to meet the needs of clients in-house and also on an open, public basis. Our training is provided in mediation, conflict management, CINERGY Conflict Management Coaching, collaboration and conflict positive leadership.

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