Effective Conflict Management (One Day Workshop)

26th September 2013


‘Peace is not the absence of conflict but the presence of alternatives for responding to conflict’
Dorothy Thompson



These questions and many more are answered in this one day workshop on Conflict Dynamics. Interpersonal conflict is a feature of every workplace and is inevitable. The question is not, will it occur? Rather, when it does, what do you want to get out of it? How do you minimise the negative impact of interpersonal conflict in your work with or on the strategic goals of your business?

Each participant will be asked to complete an online Conflict Dynamics Profile assessment in advance of the workshop. They will receive a confidential feedback report and development guide which will underpin the objectives of the workshop.

Workshop Objectives:

The objectives of the workshop are to provide participants with:


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CINERGY ™ Introductory Conflict Management Coaching

Four Day Workshop


Conflict Management Coaching is fast emerging as a significant Alternative Dispute Resolution process. It offers people an opportunity to anticipate, strategise and develop practical responses to conflict in their lives, whether in a personal or professional context. ‘It assumes that individuals can learn how to manage conflict better in their lives and to do so through dialogue’ (J. Macfarlane & B. Mayer: Conflict Management Coaching, The CINERGY ™ Model, Cinnie Noble, 2011)

This workshop provides participants with basic competence in the skills of the leading and internationally recognised CINERGY™ model of conflict management coaching. It is increasing used by mediators, HR professionals, business managers, leaders and conflict resolution professionals. It provides a range of conflict management tools that are used successfully to deal with workplace issues including allegations of workplace bullying, performance related issues, change management, team development, personality clashes and other interpersonal workplace conflict.

Participants will gain:

  • An understanding of the nature of conflict and their own responses to it
  • An understanding of the principles and methods of the CINERGY™ model of conflict management coaching
  • A working knowledge of the applications of this technique
  • One individual mentoring session post training
  • Certification of course completion, which along with practice hours can lead to CINERGY™ qualification
  • This workshop is eligible for 24 continuous professional development (CPD) points from the Mediators Institute of Ireland (MII) and has been approved for 26.5 hours of Continuing Coaching Edcuation Units

Content of the Workshop:

Among other things, this 4-day workshop includes the following topics:

  • the nature of conflict and conflict dynamics
  • theory, principles and methods specific to the CINERGY™ model of conflict management coaching
  • stages of conflict management coaching
  • conflict management skills
  • applications of conflict management coaching
  • ethical guidelines and standards of practice

Methods Used in the Workshop:

Through self-reflection, skill-building exercises, discussion, simulations, demonstrations and skills practices, participants develop and practice conflict management coaching techniques and skills.


The training will be of specific interest to public and private sector managers and leaders, HR professionals, team supervisors, union officials, solicitors, barristers, experienced workplace mediators and other conflict management professionals, who want to learn the fundamentals of effective conflict management.

For mediators and conflict resolution professionals conflict management coaching provides additional conflict intervention skills which can be used to great effect in pre-mediation and post mediation work or where mediation has broken down or is not an option for clients. The skills acquired also enhance the mediator’s effectiveness within mediation particularly in dealing with highly charged disputes and with clients with strong emotions.

For HR professionals, managers and leaders CINERGY™ conflict management expands the range of options available to them in dealing with workplace conflict informally thereby avoiding the formal and litigious route which can lead to prolonged and destructive outcomes. It also provides them with the skills and tools to respond to conflict in a way that deescalates it and supports those in dispute to resolve their situation with greater confidence.

Course Trainers:

Mary Lou O’Kennedy is a professional mediator, conflict coach and trainer. She is founder of Claritas CCL Ltd, which provides mediation, conflict management coaching and training to corporate, public and private clients. Mary Lou brings over 20 years experience in the management of people and companies, and 6 years in conflict resolution to her work with Claritas. She sees the value of the practical conflict management tools and skills developed by those who engage in alternative dispute resolution methods in resolving conflict and achieving positive outcomes whether in the workplace, business, or in private life.

She holds a Bachelors Degree in Social Science from UCD, a Masters in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. She is a Practitioner member of the Mediation Institute of Ireland (MII) having completed her certified training in commercial and family mediation with FriaryLaw (ADR, UK) and a workplace and community with Athena Mediation. Mary Lou is also a certified CINERGY™ Conflict Management Coach, Mentor and Trainer. She is a member of the FriaryLaw mediation Panel, Chairperson of the Education Committee of the MII and a member of the Irish Commercial Mediation Association.

Duration and Dates: Four Days – 13th, 14th, 27th ,28th November 2013


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