How aware are you of your Conflict Dynamics Profile?

Conflict dynamics is based on the premise that all interpersonal conflict can be understood in terms of the patterns of behaviour that each party adopts. More often than not, these patterns become cyclical or repetitive and can be very challenging to break or change. The behaviour of both parties, if negative or destructive, usually will escalate and become increasingly destructive to each party and to their relationship.

How often have you heard yourself say ‘you ALWAYS do that’ or ‘he NEVER listens’ or ‘ I don’t like confrontation’ etc.. etc..

We each have a Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) and it can be illustrated using assessment tools. In our ‘Understanding Conflict Dynamics’ training course on the 10th of December, we are using the ‘CDP –Individual’ assessment tool as a means of providing participants with insight into how they individually respond to conflict.

Once participants obtain an awareness of their own current profile, we will then be working through numerous conflict management skills and techniques. These are designed to enable participants intervene in the destructive conflict patterns they have identified and to replace them with constructive responses and outcomes.

Conflict Dynamics Profiling has been developed by the Centre for Leadership, Eckerd College, Florida, USA. Amicus works in partnership with the Centre in the assessment of participants.

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