Interpersonal conflict is an inevitable and normal part of our personal and professional lives. However, many people avoid it altogether or otherwise handle it in ways that are counterproductive for themselves and others. As a consequence of ill-managed conflict workplaces and their human resources pay high financial and other costs including the adverse impact of the related dissension.

To help people better manage their interpersonal disputes,CINERGY Coaching – one of the pioneers of conflict management coaching also known as conflict coaching – developed a one on one methodology having conducting extensive experiential research and study. The model provides a future-oriented, results-oriented, and goal-oriented approach that combines executive coaching, neuroscience and conflict management principles.


Friary Law:
Friarylaw ADR is a Dublin-based full service ADR provider that provides alternative dispute resolution (‘ADR’) services in Ireland. Training and education are central features of Friarylaw’s mediation service provision, both for mediators and parties engaging in the process. The practical application of mediation techniques is at the core of the Friarylaw ADR training and accreditation approach.

icmaThe Irish Commercial Mediation Association:
The Irish Commercial Mediation Association (ICMA) was formally established on 8 April 2003 to promote and develop commercial mediation in Ireland. It is a voluntary non-profit making association, where those interested in the provision and development of commercial mediation form its membership.

miiThe Mediators’ Institute of Ireland:
Mediation is a process in which an impartial and independent third party facilitates communication and negotiation and promotes voluntary decision making by the parties to a dispute to assist them to reach a mutually acceptable solution.
The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (the MII) is the professional association for Mediators in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Established in 1992, it promotes the use and practice of quality mediation as a process of dispute resolution.

cdpCentre for Conflict Dynamics:
Workplace conflict is inevitable—successful organizations must find ways to resolve it. The mission of the Center is to help organizations and individuals manage conflict more effectively. Our products enhance individuals’ self-awareness about how they respond to conflict, improve their emotional intelligence, and sharpen constructive communications skills to help them become conflict competent.

icdInstitute for Conflict Dynamics:
Vision “ICD is the leading international provider for meeting the challenges of conflicts.” & Mission “We bring solutions for people, organisations and a better society.”

iwdEuropean Institute for Workplace Dynamics:
European Institute for Workplace Dynamics
156 rue de la Roquette
F-75011 Paris

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