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Tricia Hayes is a mediator who always works as part of a co-mediating team. She began her mediating career as a volunteer community mediator and went on to train and supervise others. She holds a psychology degree and a Postgraduate Certificate in Adult Education. She is a member of the Mediators Institute of Ireland (MII) and completed her Masters in mediation and conflict resolution in 2006 in University College Dublin.

Judith McKimm-Vorderwinkler is an independent mediator and member of the ONE~resolve mediation group. Her visual communication background, multicultural experience, and fluency in 6 languages has led her to specialize in intercultural communication. She holds a Master’s degree in Intercultural Studies.

Monica Hanaway is an accredited mediator, psychotherapist, supervisor, business coach, stress management consultant and management and leadership trainer. She lectures in mediation at Regent’s College London (SPCP), is deputy course leader for the Diploma in Existential Coaching at the Existential Academy, lecturer and supervisor on Doctorate programmes at the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology (NSPC), and visiting lecturer in Organisational Psychology at King’s College London. She has mediated in a wide variety of disputes, works with global corporations as a consultant and coach and is co-Director of The CH Group, a company that provides coaching, mediation and training.

Diana Mitchell is a UKCP registered psychotherapist, a clinical supervisor and accredited mediator. She is a lecturer on the School of Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology (SPCP) five-day intensive ADR mediation course at Regent’s College London (SPCP) and also gives regular seminars on mediation at the Webster Graduate School. As a member if the Corporate Harmony group she has participated in mediation workshops with Monica Hanaway and Jamie Reed.

Phil O’Hehir is a conflict coach, mediator and former practising solicitor. Phil has provided coaching and mediation services to public sector organisations including local authorities, the health service and the Department of Education. In addition, Phil has worked with the community and private sectors, including legal practices. Phil is a mentor and co-trainer of the CINERGY™ model of conflict coaching.

Mary Lou O’Kennedy is a mediator, conflict coach and trainer. A practitioner of the co-mediation model in Amicus, she has mediated and coached over the past five years in private companies, the public sector, communities and families. She holds a Masters in social work from the University of Pittsburgh, USA, where she researched and contributed to Social Work Intervention in an Economic Crisis edited by Martha Baum and Pamela Twiss. She has lectured in Sociology at undergraduate level and is currently a trainer in the CINERGY® model of conflict coaching.

Jamie Reed is an existential psychotherapist, coach, mediator and sports mental performance coach. Over the course of the last ten years he has worked in a number of different settings including primary care, private practice, employee assistance, private companies, universities, and with athletes in training for competition. He is the co-director of The CH Group comprising Community Harmony and Corporate Harmony Limited who provide coaching, training and mediation services in the UK and Europe. He is a visiting tutor in mediation at Regents College London and a contributing author to Existential Perspectives on Coaching (2012).

Paul Randolph PROGRAMME is an accredited mediator, practicing barrister and Course Leader of the Alternative Dispute Resolution course at the School of Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology (SPCP), Regent’s College London. He is a member of the UK Bar Council ADR Committee, a Board member of the Civil Mediation Council, and is on the London County Court Mediation Committee. Paul is co-chair the National Mediation Helpline Provider’s Forum and Chair of LADR (Lamb Building ADR), a group of barrister mediators. He specialises in commercial and contractual claims, employment and workplace disputes, commercial and family property conflicts, as well as personal injury and professional negligence claims.


18:00 Guests arrive at the Knapp Gallery and refreshments are served

18:15 Welcome from Professor Aldwyn Cooper, CEO and Principal of Regent’s College London

18:30 Paul Randolph, Regent’s College Alternative Dispute Resolution course leader:International developments and lectures – mediation in the current climate

18:45 Introduction to the text by the editor,Monica Hanaway

19:00 – 19:30 Introduction to chapters and Q&A with the editor and chapter contributors

21:00 Finish

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