What has Parkour in Mardin got to do with Mediation in Ireland?

I found this article on Parkour and Conflict Management by Anastasis Pryanikova particularly thought provoking for practitioners of Alternative Dispute Resolution and well worth sharing.

Conflict Coaching is about assisting individuals to identify their own patterns of behaviour when in conflict and those of the other person. With this awareness they can then choose new and constructive ways of responding to resolve a conflict and achieve their preferred outcome. Neuroscience provides fascinating insights into how our minds work when we experience conflict which is an essential part of the knowledge base for mediators and conflict coaches.

I participated recently in an excellent teleseminar “Rewire Your Brain to Speak Your Mind: Neuroscience Insights for Conflict Management,” presented by Anastasia Pryanikova, and hosted by The International Coach Federation Conflict Management Coaching SIG, Chairperson Cinnie Noble.

In her article on Parkour and Conflict Management, Pryanikova states :

…. “Parkour is a means of reclaiming what it means to be a human being. It teaches us to move using the natural methods that we should have learned from infancy. It teaches us to touch the world and interact with it, instead of being sheltered by it.’ This need for self-expression, human connection and meaning is also at the core of conflict management.’

She makes many more connections between the two in her article which is well worth the read and can be found on her website, ‘ The Brain Alchemist‘ ,which contains many more articles and is an interesting resource for those interested in this area.

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